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The Main House

The center's main house has beds for seven people. Inthe case of a bigger group there is possibility to add extra beds. In the main haouse you acn use a modern bathroom and enjoy doing indoor activities with a fireplace, TV or any avtivities behind a thraditional long table.

The beds are located on the second floor of the main house. On the ground floor is a bigges hall where you can fit more people to organize indoor events.

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There are in total nine smaller camong houses. Five of the campng houses are with four beds each. Additionally there is four camping houses with two beds each.

There are in tial of 28 beds in the small camping houses.

Each of the camping house has electric power possibilities.

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Iga talu õue peale mahub ka telkima! :) Kui ei juhtu olema telki kaasas, siis leiame ka selle!

There's always room for tents ona a country house yard :) We can also provide you with a tent in case you have not brought yours along!


According to traditions the Sauna is located separately from the main house. The sauna is a small log-house where we offer also accomodation with four beds.

You can fit at least five people in the sauna room. In the sauna house you can also gather a team around a traditional table to taste some beer and have the best chat with your friends.

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Gazebo is an enjoyable place that offers you cover from too intensive sun as well as the occasional rainfall. You can fit around 30 people in the Gazebo to do a small party catering or a small dancefloor. The gazeboo suits also well for party games or cosy chatting place.

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